I UK [tʃeɪs] / US verb
Word forms "chase":
present tense I/you/we/they chase he/she/it chases present participle chasing past tense chased past participle chased
a) [intransitive/transitive] to follow someone or something quickly in order to catch them

They were chased by photographers as they took their son to school.

chase after:

I chased after the robbers for more than a mile.

chase someone/something down/up/along something:

The band have often been chased down the street by enthusiastic fans.

b) [transitive] to follow someone or something quickly in order to make them go away
chase someone/something off:

The male fish chases off other males that try to get too close to the females.

chase someone/something away:

He chased the snakes away with a stick.

chase someone/something out of something:

We chased the cat out of the house.

2) [transitive] to force someone out of a position of power
chase someone/something from something:

The military leaders were chased from power two years ago.

chase someone/something out of something:

Amin was chased out of the country in 1979.

3) [intransitive] informal to do something in a hurry
chase down/up/along:

I saw Jill chasing up the path waving a letter.

chase round:

I've been chasing round all week buying presents.

chase all over:

There's no sense in chasing all over the country.

a) [transitive] to try hard to get something you want such as a job, prize, or money

Tiger Woods was chasing another European title.

Many companies are still chasing debts that are more than five years old.

b) [intransitive/transitive] to try to get someone to have a sexual relationship with you

Aren't you getting a bit old for chasing girls?

chase after:

She could not imagine him chasing after other women.

5) [transitive] art to decorate metal using a special tool

an elaborately chased silver dish

Phrasal verbs:
II UK [tʃeɪs] / US noun
Word forms "chase":
singular chase plural chases
1) [countable] the action of following someone or something quickly because you want to catch them

"Stop thief!" they shouted and joined in the chase.

a car/police chase:

a high-speed car chase

2) [singular] the act of trying to get something you want

The thrill of the chase motivates many entrepreneurs to attempt takeovers.

chase for:

Tiger Woods is leading the chase for the championship.

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English dictionary. 2014.


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